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We are now closed for Half Term

Open for lessons as usual from Saturday 30th October


It's autumn, the nights are drawing in, and suddenly indoors is the place to be. And what better way to spend your time than finally taking up a musical instrument, like you've always wanted to do?

Stop yearning and start learning with Northern Music Academy.

There's so much on offer, from Guitar to Banjo, Piano to Composition, plus online lessons too. Want to learn woodwind? We offer Flute and Saxophone lessons. Fancy Singing or Bass Guitar? No problem, just email or give us a call.

At long last. learn music - there may never be a better better time than right now.

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Safer Sound




Music Makes it Better


You can seriously enhance your life with music, but trust the people at Northern Music Academy to take care of you on your journey and you will enjoy it a whole lot better.

We are the people who care, and we look at everything in the round, to make things as easy as possible for you. You just have to bring yourself, your ambition, your enthusiasm, and a willingness to practice, and we’ll supply the rest.

Because the pandemic is still very much with us, we have protocols of care in place to protect everyone, including the most vulnerable children and adults who attend. For example, in order to to keep risk to a minimum for our students our shop has not been open since early in 2021, and even now the opening we have planned is restricted, and it will not be open at busy times for lessons.

Make sure you fully understand the restrictions; they are there to protect you and everyone else, which should make visiting Northern music Academy just as safe as going to your doctor’s surgery.

Covid Policy Update





As Paul McCartney once said to Rupert Bear,

”We All Stand Together”

Rupert and the Frog Song, Movie Short, 1984

We continue to check local Covid infection rates almost daily. Doing so, in recent weeks we have observed the local infection rate rise from 29.7 per 100,00 people to 733.1* per 100,00, (figure as of 19th July) – that’s quite an increase! (around 25 times).

As important as your music education is to us, more important still is the shared responsibility we take for one another’s well being.

While some people may suffer only mild symptoms, or even no symptoms at all, for others the outcome from catching Covid can be long term adverse effects on health, including any of over 200 long Covid symptoms, which may include permanent organ damage or even worse.

We feel we all have a duty of care, including to the young who have not been vaccinated. This is why we will all continue to wear masks and continue with the hand washing protocol.

Additionally, because all known data supports the fact that covid 19 is an airborne virus, we will refrain from returning to offering larger classes for the time being, to allow us better to maintain social distancing.

We continue to protect each other and do our utmost to keep everyone safe, including the young, the vulnerable, and anyone else that vaccination does not fully protect.

*As a footnote, by the next day, 20th July, the figure for Pontefract North West had risen to 954.2 per 100,000, almost at the extreme end of the national spectrum for that day.

“Whatever risk Covid may present, rest assured we will do our utmost to prevent you catching it here.”

Teachers and Staff, Northern Music Academy 20.07.21

Some lessons revert back to online only





Regrettably, with a recent sharp rise in Coronavirus case rates, woodwind lessons have recently reverted to online only once more. We will advise students directly when this should change, but in the meantime our saxophone and flute students can continue to use their existing online Teams invites. Lessons will still be at the usual time.

Please do not attend lessons if you, or anyone you have come into close contact with, has recently tested positive for Coronavirus.

Welcome Back





Great weather at last! And just in time for your stay-cation!

From 6th June we can offer lessons both online and in person at the Academy to the greatest number of students since the start of the pandemic. With controls in place, saxophone lessons can now resume, though they may return to online only subject to changing case rates for coronavirus in this area. Restrictions for saxophone lessons include either the use of a separate studio for that day, or else a slot at the end of the day, with appropriate ventilation of course.

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