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Count Down Begins





5 days to go

…and 5 teachers resuming teaching at nma over the next 2 weeks.

Operation Phased Return

16.09.20 – Darrell Priestley

As stated weeks ago, students will be returning by increments. The first returnees will be some of Darrell’s piano and keyboard students, commencing 21st September.

The timetable is a new one, with some reference to the pre-lockdown timetable, but allowing for new lesson options, increased flexibility, and also to tie in with ‘Safer Sound’, our measures to ensure a safe environment for our music community.

Over the next few weeks, other teachers and students will resume ‘in person’ lessons at the Academy. Announcements will be made here, on the nma News page, first. We will of course be adopting the principle of continuous improvement, so it stands to reason that from time to time procedures may change where we can see a way to make them better.

At this point, however, preparations are on track. We will be monitoring how smoothly things are going, and will adapt where necessary. Guidance will be produced and updated as required, and it is expected that everyone will follow it. Please make sure you are informed and up to date, so we can maintain this as a safe space for all who use it.

Access to the Academy will be limited at this time, to make it easier to manage social distancing. Casual visits are discouraged. We need people to attend at lesson time only. You should aim to arrive no more than 5 minutes before your lesson begins, and be ready to collect students promptly afterwards. This helps us to manage the flow of people using the space at any one time, and makes distancing easier for everyone.

More to follow – watch this space!