Recent examiner comments include:

"an excellent level of stylistic understanding"
"Congratulations on your outstanding performance"
"an exciting, accurate performance played with conviction"
"lively and confident, this performance had an excellent tone quality"
"A stylish interpretation, showing real understanding"

Several types of Music Grade are available, between them covering a variety musical of styles. One or more Grade types can be recommended, as appropriate to your individual needs.

NMA has an enviable record of success, stretching back 35 years and still going strong. Not so surprising, perhaps, when we are so ready to go the extra mile in pursuit of achievement. It's an approach which is catching, and the results speak for themselves, being typically exemplary.

Grade Options

Prepare for Grades with - Trinity * ABRSM * Rockschool * London College

Study - Classical * Jazz * Rock * Musical Theatre

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Enjoy learning an exciting range of styles and genres to a high standard. Broaden your musical horizons while developing engaging musical performances. Ticking off each grade along the way is a bonus.