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Lessons in Person to Resume Soon




11.07.20 – Darrell Priestley

Lessons in person are coming back! Right now, we are busily preparing for that day, with lots of changes to the interior space, the studios, the timetables, etc, but within a few weeks we will begin inviting the first students back. You can expect us to do this thoughtfully, with proper regard for your health and well being. So, what to expect?

Timetables will be tweaked, with some new lesson formats introduced for the first time, including a new family only group option, and all piano group lessons will be both smaller and shorter, with students more widely dispersed. In our piano studios, teacher and students will each use a separate instrument throughout the lesson, so No Sharing, and the instruments will be cleaned between students.

Together with a range of price points, the new lesson options should help make sure that a quality music education remains available to the greatest number of people. When you return to NMA, we want you to feel totally comfortable, and so online lessons will also continue in some form if you would prefer for now to have your lessons at home.

For now, work here continues, with plastering, decorating and a fresh new look on the way, and we expect to have filled a few skips by the time the work is done. Meanwhile, throughout this time we continue to teach many of our students online. All in all, it’s been a busy old time, but one thing is as true as ever: we are really, really looking forward to welcoming you back!

See you soon…