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30.03.2020 – Darrell Priestley

Hi Everyone, Monday dawns. Feeling oddly a bit like every other day. Over the next few days, the teachers should each receive their new email addresses, and start getting touch with their students. So, what can you expect? Typically the teacher will email you, so watch out for that, letting you know how they are approaching lessons online, how they plan to arrange lesson times, and so on. They may also suggest how you should prepare, appropriate dress for the meeting (no pyjamas or swimwear online!), tips on warming up at your instrument first, and so on. They will also let you know about their terms, and what your options are. Please note, all existing students should at least have access to check-in visits, regardless of your current circumstances.

Do remember, though, this is not lessons as usual. The timetable will be different, and online lessons will be offered at special terms for our existing students to help out while we all isolate. Those of you who pay weekly will generally have a lesson in credit, and if so that will still be there for you when you return to the Northern Music Academy, (and who isn’t looking forward to that day?). Quite a few of Darrell’s students pay for their lessons monthly by standing order; he has planned a special package just for you, and is aiming to line your lessons up as a matter of priority.

Once we are given the all clear, we will all rush outside, do a little dance, and probably skip straight down to the music academy to share our experiences and show each other what we’ve learned. Some of us will probably have forgotten our books, but it will be ok! (One off exception, lol). Special prize for the one who has made the most progress.

We have a number of fun ideas that we wouldn’t want you to miss out on, so don’t forget to keep checking your email. Additionally, your teacher will contact you to arrange lessons and start meetings, also by email from their new email account. Don’t worry about any of this, just check your emails and we’ll guide you through it. Darrell will be quietly conducting in the background, and if anything is bothering you, write to him at the main email address: [email protected]

Finally, keep yourself safe, learn new things, and check this news post regularly.