Coronavirus - Lessons in Lockdown

Though normal business for much of the UK has been suspended, more than ever people are looking for normality in their lives. In these troubled times, playing music can provide a lifeline, while learning offers a welcome distraction from our day to day concerns.

Northern Music Academy has continued to operate throughout this crisis, with music lessons taking place online, using Microsoft Teams software. Though it cannot replicate all aspects of live, one-on-one music lessons, again and again our students have shown what is possible, with many making remarkable progress.

Now you can be part of this growing movement of unstoppable musicians learning new skills and techniques. From beginners to advanced students, beautiful music making awaits you. Contact us now to learn more, and take the first step on your musical journey.

Choosing an Instrument

Below are just some of the instruments we teach here at the Northern music Academy. To find out more, pick one you’d like to learn, or two, or three...


Our prices vary according to chosen instrument, skill level and whether the lesson is one-to-one or group based.

Example scenario: £15 per 30 mins



Skill Level


Lesson Type


To learn more, and discover what may be best for you, please contact us directly to discuss your options.

Advanced Studies

Study for higher grades, Diploma, University entry or your first world tour, with one-to-one tuition from one of our specialist music teachers. Crank it up a gear, and play at a higher demand level!