Music Lessons

'The Conservatoire for Where You Are'

Northern Music Academy is moving to a new, best ever lesson model. With live lessons here at the Academy, plus remote lessons on demand, and the ability to switch when required, we've made it future proof.

With 32 years experience at the helm, founders Darrell and Eileen Priestley have dealt with plenty of change. So, in the age of the pandemic, they knew that people not only wanted to learn music with a choice of great teachers, in beautiful surroundings; they needed to know that their safety was assured. The result is that nma is now one of the safest places you can go.

Change is happening, but change can be astounding. Introducing more choice, more affordability, but the same great music lessons. Plus, the complete reassurance of 'Safer Sound'. Meanwhile, new 'Family Pods' offer a brilliant way to have fun learning together, in a super safe environment.

There's been a total revamp while you've been away - you will love it! Plus, music lessons at nma remain brilliantly affordable - how do we do it?

Despite 32 years of success, nma is never blasé. This website is totally dynamic, with regular, frequent updates - Want to know the latest? See our 'News' page now!

This has not been rushed - and it shows. Following six months of preparation, this is what safety in a pandemic should look like.

Whether beginner or advanced, in studio or online, nma is 'the Conservatoire for Where You Are'. See below for just some of our lesson options, or contact us now.

Choosing an Instrument

Below are just some of the instruments you can learn with nma. To find out more, click one.


Our prices vary according to chosen instrument, skill level and whether the lesson is one-to-one or group based.

Example scenario: £15 per 30 mins



Skill Level


Lesson Type


To learn more, and discover what may be best for you, please contact us directly to discuss your options.

Advanced Studies

Study for higher grades, Diploma, University entry or your first world tour, with one-to-one tuition from one of our specialist music teachers. Crank it up a gear, and play at a higher demand level!