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Memorable Quotes of the Pandemic




24.05.20 – Darrell Priestley

We live in an age of reflection, which is a valuable thing if you stop and think about it. Certainly, it’s something that doesn’t happen often, in fact I can’t imagine another time when so many people stopped to consider their lives, the way we live, and where we might be headed, all at the same time. Surely, this must give rise to some brilliant quotes?

I was pleased just now to see someone saying, “My post corona goal is to have fewer possessions and more valuables”. I have a lot of sympathy with that view, and feel the urge to respond with “Spend less, live more”. Meanwhile, as wildlife expert Chris Packham says, ”While we’ve been locked down, nature has been ramping it up”.

One of my favourite quotes from 2020, though pre-pandemic, is by Gary Young: Imagine a world in which you might thrive, for which there is no evidence. And then fight for it. That seems somehow more appropriate now than ever. What phrase have you heard that summed things up for you? Was there a memorable one you found pithy, thoughtful or wry? One that made you think, or fired up your imagination? Perhaps you have come up with one or two yourself. Here are some I can imagine people saying.

”Those care home workers who moved in are beyond amazing.”

”A lockdown in time saves your life and mine.”

”Now, what they should have done, is…”

”In a contest like this, no-one wins unless everyone wins.”

”Ooh, what I wouldn’t give right now for a proper coffee.”

”Heroes are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things.”

”Turns out, I really like this clean air. Can we keep it?”

”Why didn’t they do something sooner?”

”Doctor, W.H.O. could describe half the guests on TV right now.”

”It’s people that matter.”

”I just hope my favourite shops/cafe/hairdresser will still be there.”

”After this, I’d like to work closer to home.”

”A National Youth Corps could really help young people right now.”

”What I’m most looking forward to is…”

”Do you suppose I could opt for a four day week?”

”I just can’t wait to see my family again.”

Now, if you need a laugh amidst all this, check out this video, introduced by Seth MacFarlane and featuring Tony Shalhoub reprising his TV role as germophobe crime fighter, Adrian Monk. Anyone familiar with his ‘defective detective’ will love it: