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Hi, Everyone!




25.06.20 – Darrell & Eileen Priestley & Jessica Laughton

We just wanted to wing a quick hello to all you lovely mustic students and your families. And also, share a word with you about something we think is very important – People!

As England eases out of lockdown, it’s good to take stock. It’s now the height of summer, and quite wonderful to be outside, but if you like us have been following the science you will know that this freedom does not come without risk. There is a reason that NMA has chosen not to reopen yet, though we are busily preparing for that day. Simply, we prefer to monitor the effect of what’s happening, and any effect on the transmission rate and infections before committing ourselves.

When we do reopen our door for the first time, we may likely be looking at a slow, phased process which allows us to check how well it is going, so we can tweak things easily if necessary. Our duty of care to you means that we will prioritise getting things right over doing anything in a hurry. Of course, we’re people too and so we are having as hard a time as anyone maintaining the social distancing from family, but we understand just why it has to be done. Our grand daughter is now ten months old, and our grandons son not far off four, and my wife and daughter are finding distancing particularely tough, but just like everyone else we haven’t been doing all this for nothing.

Our hope is that Christmas this year will see us all able to mix again, as in other years, but what we all do now will set the scene for the Christmas ahead. It will be a very poigniant time for many, but it would be quite tragic if at least we are not able to share it as in years gone by. This is why we are all quite right to be cautious, and remain vigilant. The changes we are making at NMA will help us all maintain distance, so that we can soon resume lessons safely. And that is something we are looking forward to very, very much indeed.

Hope to see you soon! -Darrell, Eileen, Jessica and the team.

No news is good news




25.06.20 – Darrell Priestley

Not a lot to report this week, as we are taking a week’s holiday. Of course, in 2020, holidays take on a different shape. The intention was to get in some much needed garden time. I’m not sure quite what happened, but so far we have seen a lot more of NMA headquarters than of our garden. But what can you do?

We have been putting time into getting the NMA headquarters ready for reopening. And of course, once you start a job, you sort of have to follow through. There’s definitely a lot still to do, but making progress is it’s own sweet reward, and we are progressing in the right direction.

I’ll be back teaching online again next week. For now, I wish you well, and hope you have been able to enjoy some of the lovely weather this week.

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