9 April 2022

Latest grade results - Wonderful News! - See Below

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Latest Piano Exam Results





Wonderful News – All our recent Piano exam candidates have not only passed but excelled. Four students took Trinity Piano Exams in March, with two gaining strong ‘Merit’, and two scooping a highly coveted ‘Distinction’. We are intensely proud of all candidates, and acknowledge their deserved highachievement, which reflect an excellent work ethic.

Initial grade – Ricardo Shahsavari

Passed with Merit

Grade 2 – Anna Gilroy

Passed with Merit

Grade 2 – Mia Xiao

Passed with Distinction

Grade 3 – Cynthia Xiao

Passed with Distinction

All four candidates are students of Academy founder, principal Darrell Priestley.

Daily Habits




7th February 2022

If there’s one thing that successful people have learned, it’s the benefit of applying yourself consistently, and daily, and that is especially true for musicians.

Getting the daily practice habit may sound daunting, but it should not be a big deal. All you need do is begin your practice every day, and if possible set a reasonable minimum, and good things will happen.

If you are just getting started, ten minutes per day to begin with may be enough, and will give you something to build on. In order to achieve this, some of us will need encouragement, and younger children usually depend on this, so parents should make an effort to find imaginative ways to help make this possible.

After a few weeks of regular practice, the benefits will already be noticeable, by which time good practice habits are well on the way to becoming ingrained. Better yet, faster progress is it’s own reward, and having already proved you can do it, you wouldn’t want to stop now while you are winning.

Join us now, and maker quicker progress towards excellence than you ever dreamed possible.

Christmas and New Year Holidays





Thank you for making this your number one choice for music lessons for yet another year.

The Northern Music Academy is closed over Christmas, and open from Wednesday 5th January.

Wishing Peace, Love and Happiness to all our students and their families.

Safer Sound




Music Makes it Better


You can seriously enhance your life with music, but trust the people at Northern Music Academy to take care of you on your journey and you will enjoy it a whole lot better.

We are the people who care, and we look at everything in the round, to make things as easy as possible for you. You just have to bring yourself, your ambition, your enthusiasm, and a willingness to practice, and we’ll supply the rest.

Because the pandemic is still very much with us, we have protocols of care in place to protect everyone, including the most vulnerable children and adults who attend. For example, in order to to keep risk to a minimum for our students our shop has not been open since early in 2021, and even now the opening we have planned is restricted, and it will not be open at busy times for lessons.

Make sure you fully understand the restrictions; they are there to protect you and everyone else, which should make visiting Northern music Academy just as safe as going to your doctor’s surgery.

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