Performance can be a large part of being a successful musician. Here at Northern Music Academy we encourage students by holding one or more concerts per year, providing both the incentive to improve and an opportunity to showcase what you have learned. Though entirely optional, performing is an excellent way to gain confidence and consolidate any improvements you have made. Our concerts provide a supportive, friendly environment where students not only have fun, but also gain a great feeling of satisfaction.

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Ian Clayton tells ‘A Northern Music Story’




Some years ago, in the course of my work, I met Ian Clayton for the first time. Ian had brought his son, Edward, to try out out for piano lessons. At age 4, Edward had just expressed an interest in learning piano, and so began a teaching relationship that took our families’ through Edward’s growing up years and led to lasting friendship.

Fast forward to today, and Edward works in adult education, but music remains a big part of his life, and he plays piano regularly with The Glass Caves. When I mentioned to Ian that we were updating the Northern Music Academy website, he was kind enough to volunteer a story for publication on the website, and the completed story duly landed in my in-box the very next day.

This lovely story tells of a child’s musical journey, from a family point of view. A simple tale, told with great tenderness from the perspective of a loving parent, this edifying story is now available to read in the news posts on the new Northern Music Academy website. I find it quite moving; perhaps you will too. I commend it to you.

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