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27.04.20 – Reader Contribution

Hi!. Recently I suggested that some of you send in your thoughts to us, to share here in our regular Coronovirus Resistance Group! One of my older students, Brenda, has submitted poetry, no less, prompted by her near amazement that she has cracked using the software for online music lessons. Go, Brenda! I always knew you could do it!

Not Giving In!

by Brenda Nettleship

Darrell successfully added me to his list of successes, After my sad history of many online misses, Hey presto we suddenly had vision and sound, This new skill I suddenly had found, Due to Darrell’s determination and grit, I suddenly shouted oh I’ve GOT IT!!! At last we completed a successful lesson, A fully completed session, Pray please let me succeed connection next week, If not I fear we may both sadly weep, But I am determined to look forward and not be despondent, When he tunes in next week I WILL BE RESPONDENT !!!

Oh the mysteries of life we have to still discover, This Corona Virus has found me another, My ageing mind still struggles on with more Apps on my screen, Some I thought would never be seen, We have social sites, google, shopping, maps and DATING if you DARE!!! But of scams we need to be aware, We have to keep up with the fast moving times, So we don’t start losing our minds. Bring it on, We are not giving in without a fight, We will struggle and find the light.

Finally we will come through these strange and difficult days, Look at life in different ways, Freedom to go out and play and spend our days as we wish, Do the the things that we most miss, Sadly online lessons will no longer be a part of or lives, Arriving on time I will have to STRIVE, That secret belongs to myself and my academy friends, My wayward ways I must AMMEND.!!!

Many thanks to Brenda for making us laugh, and we look forward to other students and their families having their say. Send your contributions to the usual email address.