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Autumn/Winter 2023 Exam Results




Outstanding music grade exam results bear witness to the commitment level of our highly motivated piano students. You get back what you put in. Well done, everyone!

November – ABRSM Piano

Grade 2 – Vivienne Dela Luna – Age 9

Passed with Merit

Grade 1 Jazz Piano – Freddie Laughton – Age 7

Passed with Distinction

December – Trinity Piano Grades

The examiner made many quote worthy observations, an edited selection of which appear following the results below.

Initial – Sophia Ponsonby – Age 12

Passed with  Distinction

Grade 1 – Vinul Hiniduma Liyanage – Age 10

Passed with Merit

Grade 1 – Kevin Jayasekara – Age 15

Passed with Merit

Grade 1 – Leah Clarke – Age 14

Passed with  Distinction

Grade 2 – Henley Hunter – Age 13

Passed with Merit

Grade 2 – Leila Gurtler – Age 13

Passed with Merit

Grade 2 – Erin Gurtler – Age 13

Passed with  Distinction

Grade 3 – Isabella Flint – Age 13

Passed with  Distinction

Grade 4 – William Hughes – Age 15

Passed with  Merit

If you would like to study for grade exams with Northern Music Academy, please remember: in order that you can expect excellent results, a diligent practise habit must always be securely established.

The examiner was Victoria Proudler. A short selection of her comments follow:

“An excellent level of stylistic understanding led to an exciting, accurate performance played with conviction. Congratulations!”

” A stylish interpretation, showing real understanding. Highly accurate and fluent.”

” Lively and confident, this performance had an excellent tone quality with very good attention to detail.

” This was well-articulated, highly accurate and was played with style and conviction. Congratulations.”

” Excellent answers/A highly secure knowledge, well done.”

” Fully accurate and fluent, this was musically very convincing with an excellent tone and dynamic detail.

” This was an accurate and detailed performance, with excellent articulation and strong rhythmic drive.”

” Congratulations on your outstanding performance!”