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22.04.20 – -Darrell Priestley

Now pay attention, class, because there will be questions at the end. People have been telling me about some of the things they have been doing lately, (I see a lot of students and their families now with lessons online), and I am rather impressed. All sorts of good things are happening, it seems, and you should probably be quite proud of yourselves!

Here at the Priestley residence, shock has been registered at quite how busy you can find yourself when you can’t go to work as usual. If this should be what retirement is like, I’m not sure I’m fit enough for that yet. With so much to do, I’m having to get up earlier in the mornings, but I am enjoying it. And, what beautiful sunny mornings we are having!

There are so many things you could be doing to fill your time at home, it’s quite bewildering. The newest thing for us here is Reading Hour. Ever wonder how come you have accumulated so many wonderful books about all the things you are interested in, but rarely get around to reading? We’ve noticed that too, and have decided to do something about it. So, starting this week, we’ve introduced morning reading hour, a time after breakfast where we pick up something interesting, but not a story, and endulge our many interests while learning something useful. I’ll let you know how it’s going soon.

For me, the best thing about being at home is that it’s put me much closer to my hobbies. When at work, I am usually out of the house for about twelve hours most days, which doesn’t leave a lot of time to do the other things I like. How about you? What is it that you like to do more of now you are at home?

As our regular readers will already know, we are all about the positive here at NMA, and we would very much like you to share your thoughts with us on all of the good things you have found to do with your time now that you have more of it than usual. Why not write and tell us, so we can share your stories? Either list a few of the new things you have noticed, or things that you enjoy doing now that you didn’t do before, or even write a little piece, maybe 400 words or less, and if practical we will share it in our daily blog.

Please email your contribution to me at the usual Address – see ‘Contact’ Page.