Cameron Downie
Guitar & Bass


Cameron brings a range of skills, having also worked in the hospitality sector, experience he built up while putting himself through his music education.

A recent graduate from Leeds Conservatoire, Cameron attained first class honours on the pop music course, while also gaining experience as a session guitarist for function bands, musical theatre pit bands, artists, songwriters and producers, etc.

Credentials accumulated over 10 years of playing range from performing, songwriting and technical knowledge to practical teaching experience, extending through playing skills and music theory.

We are delighted to welcome Cameron to the team here at Northern Music Academy. He brings youthful energy and enthusiasm, combined with solid practical experience, and most importantly, a friendly, approachable nature.

His students love his work, he's highly relatable, plus he makes a stupendous cup of coffee!

- Darrell Priestley

Quick Facts

Graduated: Leeds Conservatoire

Professional Qualification: BA-Hons in Popular Music

Professional Profile: Performer; Educator

Specialises in: Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar

Also Teaches: Music Theory,

Performance Experience: Session Playing, Theatre Pit, Function Bands, Songwriting, Music Production