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31.03.2020 – Darrell Priestley

So Tuesday, so happy. Well, I think it’s Tuesday, though who amongst us really knows? At least we got through Monday, which is a good thing, I think. Yesterday was a day of many hours spent at the kitchen table, planning, preparing, and video conferencing with teachers. Productive too, although each day, which I begin by typing away and gazing hopefully at the computer screen, starts off filled with such promise, it’s always a bit sad when reality bites and some tasks remain not quite complete.

Yesterday also involved a trip out. How very brave. Well, we needed to shop, which at present we are doing for three households, which means a fair bit of planning. Shopping can make me nervous at the best of times, I will confess, but there is a little extra trepidation nowadays when we are about to venture out amongst others. Fortunately, shopping etiquette is coming along splendidly. Who knew queueing could be so much fun? Great systems are appearing at most shops, and distancing is doing very well, but my word it’s strange seeing a queue for Boots in Pontefract stretching down Market Place toward the Town Hall.

Just like you, and everyone else, we would rather like our shopping delivered. No such luck. Six nights in a row last week I arose between 3.15am and 4.15am thinking this might help access the supermarket websites – who ever thought there would be queue to shop online? At one point, there was what passed for nocturnal excitement as I saw there were only 192,524 people in front of me, and it was quite a dilemma, should I stay up and shuffle slowly forward, or should I go back to bed and hope to awake just in time to take my place at the head of the queue? I’d like to say I made it to the front, but Zzzzz. You have probably been there yourself.

Speaking of shopping online, there are some funny tales. Did you hear of the lady who, ordering Brussells Sprouts (x1), received just one sprout, singular! Still, at least she got a delivery slot. Perhaps you have some funny, interesting, or heartwarming experience of your own that you would like to share. If you do, please send it to [email protected], and I’ll see what I can do. Uplifting stories would fit the moment particularly well.

One good point to emerge from Monday was our new Guidance for online lessons. Jessica put this together for us, and did a great job. It simply outlines a sensible approach for all to take, so that lessons remain professional, friendly and safe. Please take a moment to read the guidance through when you receive a copy, as it is important and intended to be helpful for everyone, and especially parents.