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We're back! Phased return begins Monday 21st September, with most students and their teachers resuming within the following two weeks. We have done a lot to make this happen, and the differences will be visible from the moment you walk through the door.

The changes made will mean the most to those who have stayed home for six months now because of their personal situation. We have created somewhere they will feel safe to go. We hope that the rules will not feel too burdonsome to those who are more confident when going out and about, but if so for them we offer lessons online.

Please acquaint yourself with and abide by our new rules. This is a public spirited community, and that counts. It took six months to get here - collectively, we call this 'Safer Sound.' Little is unchanged, most things are better, but the warmth will remain the same.

nma now offers a new, future proof lesson model. We thought long, and came up with a great format for fun, for learning, and for excellence. Meanwhile, new protection measures and easily adopted rules mean you can relax and enjoy learning with 'Safer Sound'.

New from this September: a greater range of lesson options, with smaller group sizes, and introducing an exclusive 'Family Pod' group piano/keyboard lesson format. Piano lessons now begin at just £11.00! It's all designed to be safe, reassuring and affordable. You're going to love it.

Online lessons will stay as an option, and dovetail with 30 minute in-person private lessons, with comparable pricing. As ever, you can keep up to date by visiting the News page - written with you in mind.

* Highly Qualified, Experienced teachers, all with Music Degrees
* Friendly, Helpful, & Resourceful
* Socially Distanced Facilities
* We Pursue Covid Zero - Strict Rules in Place
* Music Lessons In Person & Online
* Leading the Way Since 1989

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I go here every Saturday for great quality piano lessons. Each and everyone of the teachers are polite and extremely caring! Would recommend this!

- Harlie W

Latest News

So Glad to Be Back




21.09.20 – Darrell Priestley, co-founder and Academy Principal

31 years, 265 days after our first Grand Opening, we are doing it all over again.

This time, it’s a bit more low key. But after six months of seperation from our lovely students, it might tug at the heart strings that little bit more.

Re-Opening Day – the story in numbers:

6 – The number of months we stayed closed since 23rd March 2020.

10 – The maximum extension in feet of the decorator’s pole used to reach the most inaccessible parts of our halls, stairs and landings.

273 – The number of times Eileen ran up the new step ladders.

49 – How many consecutive days Eileen and Darrell have worked without a break in the final stages of preparing the Academy to re-open.

7 – The tally of high quality perspex screens now used at various points around the building.

3 – Local shops supported, where we bought all the decorating materials we used.

114 – The total number of times that steps or ladders were carried up and down the stairs.

21 – The quantity of tins of paint used in redecorating nma this time.

(PS, counting error, the actual number was 24)

6 – Additional Dust Sheets purchased for this decorating job.

25 – Length in feet of the dust sheets used on the stairs.

2 – The maximum number of people present in our building on most days since early May.

10 – Walls that were part or fully replastered.

27 – Paint splats on Darrells watch that refuse to come off

4 – The number of days we now operate each week from 21st September

3 – Quick Gel hand sanitising stations in the building, one in each hall or landing.

85 – How many times Darrell forgot where he had left his paint brush or roller, and had to go up and down stairs looking for it.

34 – And how many times he found it within two feet of where he was when he started looking.

1 – The number of people that can accompany students attending lessons.

2 – Tired but happy Academy founders, almost 32 years on.

Finally, thanks to all of you – we couldn’t have done any of this but for you!