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Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned performer, our harmonious team of music teachers, each of whom is qualified at minimum to degree level, together provide superb tuition in a wide range of musical disciplines.

You'll find us to be friendly and knowledgable, and eminently equipped to help you on your journey of discovery. Since the 1980's we have helped many hundreds of students on their path to success, and now you too can join our musical family.

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I go here every Saturday for great quality piano lessons. Each and everyone of the teachers are polite and extremely caring! Would recommend this!

- Harlie W

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Christmas Reflections




As the season of good will approaches, no doubt many of us will be dropping items off at the local food bank after our regular shop. Not too long ago, food banks were almost unheard of, but now it seems they are everywhere. On some level, every person giving grasps that, with just a twist of fate, it could so easily be them relying on this helping hand. And so yes, it really means something if you are able to give.

This year, the approach to Christmas takes place against the background of one of the strangest, and in a way most disturbing, general elections that many of us can remember. People are focused on Brexit to a rare degree, and anger and division are rife.

However, it is important to remember that Brexit is not the only issue, and that people will always be more important than mere politics. We are all familiar with Scrooge’s epic personal journey from selfish, cynical exploitation of others to his eventual redemption in Charles’s Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol.’ Looking for parallels between Dickens’ protagonist and the powerful elite of today’s world, Dickens message may seem overly optimistic. Even so, how can we not hope for a better, fairer world?

As Christmas get’s closer, my hope and belief is that there will always be good people everywhere who will spare a thought for those less fortunate than themselves, whether visiting the food bank, at the ballot box, or simply in their daily lives. When you make that choice, choose love.