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In person lessons for many students resumed on April 12th, and have proceeded smoothly since then.
Visitors and teachers alike continue to be safely distanced and observing rules and precautions. For me, as for many others, 'live in person' lessons have proved a definite mood enhancer.

The great majority of students now attend their lessons in person at our building, while others presently attend lessons with us online for now. Our approach to live work remains sensibly cautious, with limits on numbers, time spent in the building, and masks still required as a precaution to protect others. It's great that the timetable (and technology) allows such flexibility that if you want to attend in person, but need to switch to an at home lesson occasionally, it's as easy as giving us a little notice so that we can amend the teachers' timetables so they know to have the computer logged in and ready. Students and parents have been very gracious, with many expressing how much they appreciate their music lessons, especially against the backdrop of the pandemic. Some of the your comments have been deeply moving, reinforcing how privileged we are to be enjoying work like this, especially at this present time.

Safety remains our byword, and so while reviewing the situation regularly we are committed to keeping in place sensible protections, equal to if not exceeding those required by the government. As a result of this, we have been told on several occasions that nma is the safest place you can go outside of your home and still be indoors.

Please remember that flexibility in the timetable remains for your benefit, and if you are not yet ready to return in person, online lessons can continue for you, typically with the exact same timetable, meaning you can take your regular lesson at your regular time at home. Alternatively, you may decide to attend in person but still take a home lesson when you need to, for instance if you need to self isolate. At nma, we are continually developing techniques for teaching music online that help you not just to learn, but to thrive.

Finally, while almost all teachers would admit to enjoying in person lesson the most, and most of us do find them easier, it's equally true to say we have had a lot of practice by now at offering lessons online, and not to over stretch a point we have become rather good at them, as the excellent progress made by many of our students during lock down will attest.

If you would like to join, we will working hard to make it possible, but please note we have been unusually busy with new enquiries as it seems many new students have been saving themselves up for this moment.

Members of the fine musicians club are resourceful and resilient. They want to get where they are going, with musical progress they can rightly be proud of. That's why we are here to help you:
Today and everyday * In person or online * Every step of the way.

Think learning music need be challenging? We'd be happy to show you otherwise. We have a winning approach, and student success to prove it.

Start learning music with us either in person or online now, and enjoy a new beginning you can look back on with joy and pride. Join the many students on a path to a musical future with one to one lessons from Northern Music Academy.

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Find Guitar Lessons, Keyboard Lessons, Piano Lessons, and much, much more, here in person and also worldwide online, all from the heart of Pontefract, West Yorkshire. Learn composition, learn improvisation, learn music theory, or learn the art of performance. Start now, and by the arrival of spring you will have acquired new musical skills you can really be proud of.

Our facilities are optimised for your safety and security, with excellent distancing, and for the present time access is limited to our students only, so you will not need to worry about crowded spaces.
All the usual range of lessons is now taking place, and during any lock down periods the lessons continue online at the usual time. Thousands of students over the years have chosen to learn piano, electronic organ or keyboard with Northern Music Academy, and they continue as ever. Guitar, bass, and ukulele lessons are under way. Drum and banjo lessons have resumed, in addition to music theory and of course all types of keyboard studies. Lessons online continue at all times as an option for those who prefer them, or who live further away from us.

The new timetable is intelligently designed and works well both in studio (when permissible) and online. This has meant that during periods when students can attend lessons in person, the flow has been managed to a steady trickle. It's a socially distanced success, allowing for learning and enjoyment, and crucially does so in safety.

We have done a lot to make this happen, and the differences are apparent from the moment you walk through the door, though thirty two years of responding to need has prepared us well for this. Thanks to everyone for the great comments, by the way!

The changes made will mean the most to those who have stayed home for six months now because of their personal situation. We have created somewhere they will feel safe to go. We hope that the rules will not feel too burdensome to those who are more confident when going out and about, but if so for them we offer lessons online.

Please acquaint yourself with and abide by our new rules. This is a public spirited community, and we care about each other. It took six months to get here - collectively, we call this 'Safer Sound.' Little is unchanged, most things are better, but the warmth will remain the same.

nma now offers a new, future proof lesson model. We thought long, and came up with a great format for fun, for learning, and for excellence. Meanwhile, new protection measures and easily adopted rules mean you can relax and enjoy learning with 'Safer Sound'.

There is now a greater range of lesson options than ever before, with smaller group sizes, including an exclusive 'Family Pod' group piano/keyboard lesson format. Piano lessons now begin at just £11.00! It's all designed to be safe, reassuring and affordable. You're going to love it.

Online lessons will stay as an option, and dovetail with 30 minute in-person private lessons, with comparable pricing. As ever, you can keep up to date by visiting the News page - written with you in mind.

* Highly Qualified, Experienced teachers, all with Music Degrees
* Friendly, Helpful, & Resourceful
* Socially Distanced Facilities
* We Pursue Zero Covid - Strict Rules in Place
* Music Lessons In Person & Online
* Leading the Way Since 1989

Read our regular blog: http://www.northernmusicacademy.co.uk/news

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I go here every Saturday for great quality piano lessons. Each and everyone of the teachers are polite and extremely caring! Would recommend this!

- Harlie W

Latest News

Covid Policy Update





As Paul McCartney once said to Rupert Bear,

”We All Stand Together”

Rupert and the Frog Song, Movie Short, 1984

We continue to check local Covid infection rates almost daily. Doing so, in recent weeks we have observed the local infection rate rise from 29.7 per 100,00 people to 733.1* per 100,00, (figure as of 19th July) – that’s quite an increase! (around 25 times).

As important as your music education is to us, more important still is the shared responsibility we take for one another’s well being.

While some people may suffer only mild symptoms, or even no symptoms at all, for others the outcome from catching Covid can be long term adverse effects on health, including any of over 200 long Covid symptoms, which may include permanent organ damage or even worse.

We feel we all have a duty of care, including to the young who have not been vaccinated. This is why we will all continue to wear masks and continue with the hand washing protocol.

Additionally, because all known data supports the fact that covid 19 is an airborne virus, we will refrain from returning to offering larger classes for the time being, to allow us better to maintain social distancing.

We continue to protect each other and do our utmost to keep everyone safe, including the young, the vulnerable, and anyone else that vaccination does not fully protect.

*As a footnote, by the next day, 20th July, the figure for Pontefract North West had risen to 954.2 per 100,000, almost at the extreme end of the national spectrum for that day.

“Whatever risk Covid may present, rest assured we will do our utmost to prevent you catching it here.”

Teachers and Staff, Northern Music Academy 20.07.21