Updated 23.10.20

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Covid Quotations




14.09.20 – Updated 17.09.20

“If you don’t like wearing a mask, you’re going to hate using a ventilator”

Kay Burley, Sky Breakfast

“If shop customers wear a mask, that cuts the possibility of transmission to about 20%. If staff wear one as well, that cuts transmission to about 5%”.

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, Chair, BMA

Face masks are “the most important, powerful public health tool we have” to combat coronavirus.

Robert Redfield, director of the US Centre for disease Control

“In a community, you look out for each other. Right now, that means wearing a mask, to reduce the risk of transmission.”

Darrell Priestley, nma Principal

“When I turned five, I wanted Malibu Barbie. My sons just want face masks at their party”

Hadley Freeman, the Guardian

Calling All Students




13.09.20 – Darrell Priestley, Academy Co-Founder and Principal

Very soon, the first students will again be able to attend lessons live and in person at nma. If you want to take this up, it is important that you be prepared, and know what to expect.

As part of our raft of protections, we are adopting a Covid Zero policy, which everyone planning to attend needs to understand, because compliance will be a condition of entry. Shortly, guidance will start to appear and be published on this page. Please check back often, and let all your friends and family who hope to attend know too. We want you to be ready.

Covid Zero – Get on board.

Recently I have heard stories of people arriving back at their place of work only to find to their dismay that, essentially, nothing is different from before. That simply cannot be allowed to happen here. We are throwing our arms around this community, and building a virtual fence to offer the greatest possible protection. Any serious Covid Zero policy would require this. Along with physical changes, and changes to use, new rules will be introduced, and by adopting these rules the whole community will become safer. You could think of it as a medieval fort, in which the rules form a strong palisade, and by sticking to them we are all the defenders.

When the new rules appear, take time to study and get to know them. Some may think we are over reacting; I am quite comfortable with that, and on this basis it may become necessary to restrict who can attend live lessons at any time.

The new rules may be subject to change, or be added to as necessary. To ensure you you are aware of any updates as they appear, check here often. Generally, any new posts will show a publication date, but if not there is a latest publication date showing at the top left of this news page.

Finally, don’t let these rules put you off. They should not spoil your enjoyment one bit, they will simply make you safer when you are here. We are genuinely excited to be seeing our wonderful students in person again. This has been a long time coming.

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